Welcome to the AsiaVR Association

For starters, we’d like to thank the VR and AR community for its continued support. We’ve seen great growth over the past year of the Association’s existence with now more than 2700 members registered across our various social and Meetup channels!

That just goes to show just how engaged and involved people are in this space and how the movement is intensifying.

We’ll be using this site as a means of connecting with organisations and individuals who are keen to get involved or for us to co-sponsor their events.

Our next AsiaVR Meetup happens Tues, 11 July @ SGInnovate in Singapore featuring an exciting line-up of 4 speakers sharing their VR experiences from abroad. Head to our Meetup page to register.

Also, check out the Global VR Hackathon Singapore on July 7-9 at Pixel Labs @ NDC. Learn more here.

We’ve also updated our AsiaVR Company Directory featuring a who’s who of top operators in 360 video, VR and AR in Singapore and around the region.

Thanks again everyone for your support and we’ll see you at our next Meetup!

Ashima, Don, Jia, Roy & Eng Tat / AsiaVR Association


About Us

Formed in September 2015 by Tee Jia Hen and Don Anderson, the AsiaVR Association is a non-profit association focused on promoting dialogue, debate, collaboration and investment in this rapidly evolving area of technology innovation.

Our members come from a wide variety of disciplines, including user interface and application development through to VR documentary filmmaking and branded content creation.

We welcome anyone interested in contributing to the discussion, or just wanting to come up to speed on this exciting new area, to join us.

We are currently powered by Association Chair Ashima Thomas and board members Jia, Don, Roy Koo and Eng Tat Khoo.

You can join in the discussion through our Facebook Group and we recommend checking this space and our Meetup Group for regular updates on events and other happenings.




Contact Us

We’re always interested in hearing from similar organisations and individuals who are striving to make a difference in this rapidly evolving space.

Let us know if you’re interested in collaborating or have an event idea for our members.

We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, but we do ask you to be patient as our board members are contributing their own personal time to keeping the movement and Association going.

Many thanks!
The AsiaVR Association Team